The Cordova School District is committed to the highest academic standards for students and staff, fully complying with the Alaska State Education Standards.
For more information about the Alaska State Department of Education and standards, please consult the following websites:

Student academic success is dependent on a continuous improvement strategy in every classroom.  In Cordova School District, progress is monitored by assessing our students in grades K-10 with the Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment, which our students take three times per year – Fall, Winter, and Spring.  They are assessed in Reading, Language Usage and Math in grades K-10, and in grades 3-10, Science is also assessed.  The results from the MAP test are used to address students’ academic strengths and weaknesses to accelerate academic growth.

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Curriculum - 6 Yr. Instructional Materials and Curriculum Adoption Cycle

    2023-2024 (5th Cycle Year)

    Social Studies, Music, Career Explorations

    2022-2023 (4th Cycle Year)

    Language Arts (K-6), Science, Government/Civics

    2021-2022 (2nd & 3rd Cycle Year)

    2021-2022 (2nd Cycle Year)

    English and Language Arts (ELA) K-12 Update, The Science of Reading Framework, new Civics requirement

    2021-2022 (3rd Cycle Year)

    English and Language Arts K-12, The Science of Reading Framework

    2020-2021 (1st Cycle Year)

    Mathematics K-12, Chemistry, Pre-Calculus, Government & Politics

    2019-2020 (6th Cycle Year)

    Career and Technology

    2018-2019 (5th Cycle Year)

    ELL, Health, PE, Skills for Healthy Living

    2017-2018 (4th Cycle Year)

    Social Studies K-12, Music K-12, Career Explorations 9-12

    2016-2017 (3rd Cycle Year)

    Science K-12

    2015-2016 (2nd Cycle Year)

    English/Language Arts K-12


    English Language Learner Instructional Materials K-12, Math Grades 7-8 prior to August 2014, Grades 9-12 prior to June 2015, Health 9-12, Physical Education K-12, Skills for Healthy Living ***In an ongoing Cycle, the first year in the cycle would NOT include Health/ PE/Skills for Healthy Living, and WOULD include Math K-12