Welcome Innovative Learning Program

    Program Summary and Goals

    The Cordova School District Innovative Learning Program (ILP) was created to better meet the needs of students and to supplement the regular education program. 

    The Innovative Learning Program is intended to lead students toward success in education through the use of innovative teaching techniques, more individualized course study including online classes, flexible scheduling, a lower student/teacher ratio and a supportive classroom atmosphere.
    **Goals: **

    The goals of the Innovative Learning Program include:

    *  A reduced drop-out rate

    *  An increase in the number of academic credits earned

    *  A decrease in the number of classes failed

    *  A reduction in absences

    *  An increase in grade point averages

    *  An improvement in criterion-referenced test scores

    *  An improvement in decision-making and study skills 

    *  Attain the ability to graduate

    *  Provide individualized support for coursework

    *  To strengthen independent learning and 21st century technology skills 

    Program Components

    Alternative School:  Alternative school students attend as needed pending the individual learning plans developed for them.  Alternative School students must also spend time doing schoolwork at home. 

    Credit Recovery:  Students take coursework either online or via paper-based curricula to regain one or more credits lost or missed in the regular school for various reasons. 

    Credit Electives:  Students select coursework online that interests them, or is required for entrance into post-secondary programs, including courses not offered at CHS.
    Extended Absences:  The ILP teacher coordinates work with the regular classroom teachers for students going on extended absences or travel for more than 10 days.  Early notification by the parents to the school - with a minimum of two weeks advanced notice - is critical to the success of adequate educational planning for the students.

    Cordova Correspondence School:  The ILP teacher is the liaison and teacher of record for the Cordova School District's Correspondence School Program.  The ILP teacher meets with interested parents and students at the beginning of the school year to go over the correspondence school requirements, discuss the educational plans and materials to be used, and to clarify both the school and parental responsibilities.  Throughout the year, the ILP teacher monitors the work being done, meets with the parents and students, and, collects work samples and grades.  View or download the Cordova Correspondence School Handbook.

    Application Information

    For all portions of ILP, initial program applications and meetings with the parents or guardians are required.

    Application forms may be acquired from the Innovative Learning Program Enrollment Information page.

    Once the student application is received, the student’s academic records are reviewed and then interviews are conducted by the program coordinator.

    Typically, the student, their parent(s) or guardian(s), the school administrator, the school counselor and the ILP teacher participate in the initial meetings.