Facilities Use

Cordova School District buildings are in use for school classes Monday through Friday 8am until 4pm, with school activities having top priority. CSD buildings are available for public use under consideration after submitting a building use request form.

Thank you for considering a Cordova School District Facility for your event.

Please use our Activity Calendar to check if the date and gym or room that you are requesting is available.
Please submit your Building Use request form, with page 3 & 4 signed, by emailing Kristie Beckett at kbeckett@cordovasd.org or drop off your completed form to the District Office for review and approval.

Printable Building Use Form
The District has printed forms available during office hours 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.


Please see the Building Use Agreement and Fee schedule listed below for your convenience.

    Building Use Agreement
    1. You are renting facilities from the Cordova School District.
    2. Renter is responsible for the supervision of those persons in the rental group, and shall advise the custodian on duty (when available) of others in the school facilities not with your rental group.
    3. Use of alcoholic beverages/drugs/tobacco products are prohibited on school grounds.
    4. Use only the facilities and equipment requested and agreed upon with school administration.
    5. The school district is not responsible for furnishing supplies/equipment or storing renters’ equipment/supplies.
    6. A payment of 50% of the estimated fees for use of the facility is due in advance of the rental.
    7. Renter is responsible for damages to school property.
    8. Renter is responsible for obtaining and fee payment of DEC temporary food service permits as required by law.
    Building Use and Fee Schedule

    • Each building will handle the building use form including the determination of what fees will be charged.  Fees will be paid to the District Business Office.
    • Outside use of facilities during school hours or while school is in session is not encouraged.
    • Category I – Primary and priority use of school facilities shall be for the conduct of the district’s complete education program.  School activities take priority.  Organizations/functions established wholly or primarily for school age youth are the primary participants or beneficiaries.  This includes (but no limited to) programs such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.
    • Category II – State, Local and Federal government groups, local nonprofit organizations, community groups.  Individuals or organizations that sponsor activities or events for school-age youth of the Cordova School District may apply for an exemption from fees.
    • Category III – Private, for profit commercial groups.

    Applicable Fees:  Due to the complex nature/multiple building uses, fees may be adjusted to better suit the actual use of the building. View Here

    *If Admin team determines Floor Mat Coverings are required a mandatory $30 fee will be charged, unrelated to category.

    *Admin team will determine if required janitor services will be charged at $30 per hour in advance, unrelated to category.

    **A $50 per hour cleaning fee will be assessed if facility/kitchen is not appropriately cleaned after use.

    Failure to abide by this user agreement may result in the rental group being requested by school official or custodian to leave the school facility.Please leave the building and return in the same condition it was provided to you.Ensure the District can start school functions as needed the next day.Payment for damages will be requested in addition to building use fee.

    Theatre groups/ children performance groups will be assessed 10% of their gate or the minimum fee as listed above (whatever is less).

    • There will be no use of projectors, sound systems or lighting without  pre-authorization from district staff pending availability and orientation.
    • Note:  Kitchen cleaning deposit is charged to all groups/school-sponsored activities/events and is refundable with approval of Building Administration.
    • 50% of fees are payable before activity/meeting begins.  No exceptions.  Remaining fees will be assessed/collected following the activity.  Outstanding fees prohibit further use of district facilities.
    • User will be responsible for all damages that occur to facility during their scheduled use.

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